About Us

L’OBJET is the vision of Elad Yifrach. Quality is his mantra, and all the firm’s offerings are his own original designs.

A lifelong traveler and devotee of the Mediterranean, Elad is enamored of its peoples and ways, and especially its venerable traditions of craft. His designs, on the one hand, represent a spirited homage to these great artisans and their achievements. But he also aspires to extend and exceed them, as his work makes clear, through painstaking effort and imagination, to the very pinnacle of excellence.

Roll your fingers over the sharply contoured relief of this porcelain finish—quality like this is to
be caressed—and you will feel the weight and the depth and delicacy that Elad craves. This is passion. Elad believes you never give up on passion. It is imagination. It is invention. But most
of all—this being the Mediterranean trait par excellence—it is commitment to a life of beauty.

Only later did Elad branch into the precious metals. In the beginning
it was porcelain that obsessed him. Looking for the crisp and
vibrant expression of its most exquisite aspects, he wanted
to make it do things it had never done before. Toward this
end, he was forced to break down and rethink traditional
technique, straining it—and the credulity of its expert
technicians—to bursting. Thus, he tirelessly pursued
the world’s foremost workshops. He approached them
with humility. But, “You cannot do that,” they said, “It
cannot be done.” Porcelain cannot to be made to hold
such forms, nor gold finishes shine so brilliantly.

What Elad means by quality is perfection. It
starts with the material, only the best, and the
artisans, consummate masters of their craft. But
it doesn’t end there. It also is the relentless trial
end error that leads to innovation. Thus, the
hand-crafting techniques Elad has evolved for
the manufacture, like the objects themselves,
are like none other the world has ever seen.
Despite a timeless quality that resonates with
Old World charm, this is something entirely
new—graceful, detailed and rich in history,
but thoroughly modern.

Prior to founding L’OBJET in 2004, Elad enjoyed a successful career as an interior designer based in Beverly Hills. Inspired by natural beauty and the elegant architecture of the world’s great civilizations, he saw clearly from the beginning what he wanted, but quickly came to realize that no one in the world yet made anything like that. So he set himself to the task and after many months of inspired exploration, he flew to New York and presented his prototype to Bergdorf Goodman, who immediately placed an order. Thus did his L’OBJET journey truly begin. And now, he wants nothing more than for people to enjoy his beautiful objects as much as he thrills in making them.