L'Objet Kelly Behun

L'Objet Kelly Behun


Kelly is a rule-breaking designer known for provocative interiors. Art and design flow seamlessly within the living spaces she creates. This collection of reimagined decorative and entertaining objects offers an elevated experience within the L’Objet world of fine craftsmanship and luxurious materials.

Platters, bowls and trays in European oak offer a pleasing contrast of shape and construction. 

Sculpting in European oak accentuates the dance between pure forms and wood grain.

Coming soon: High-rise servers crafted from porcelain, fine metals and custom glass. Literally and figuratively elevating the things you love to eat and share.

The Circuit Tray - a maze of inlaid brass.

Lazy Susan turntables inlaid with geometric patterns in walnut robles, acacia, and birch woods outfitted with a metal turntable mechanism.

“You are living the movie that is YOUR life, let's throw a theatre curtain around it and add some drama!” 

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