Thé Russe No.75 Incense (60 sticks)



Earthy yet mysterious, incense is treasured for its ability to enliven our senses, cleanse impurities, and elevate our moods. Japanese incense, which delivers the purest fragrance possible. Notes of amber, Russian leather, patchouli and lemon zest.

  • 5.5 L in (14 L cm)
  • Presented in a luxury gift box
  • 60 sticks
  • Burn time: .5 hour per stick
  • Fragrance: Thé Russe No.75
  • Top notes: lemon zest, coriander seeds
    Heart notes: hay oil, beeswax absolute, milk lactones
    Base notes: patchouli fraction, amber, Russian leather
  • Japanese Incense
All L’OBJET collections are made with exceptional materials, and with proper use and care, will last for generations. Place the end of the stick into a heatproof incense holder. Light the tip of the incense with a flame and let it burn for at least ten seconds before gently blowing out the flame. Properly lit, the end of the stick will glow red and produce fragrant wisps of smoke. The stick will smolder for approximately 25 minutes, but its aroma will for several hours. Do not let incense burn unsupervised. Use the stick in an appropriate incese holder. Do not place directly on an unprotected surface. Do not burn incense in an enclosed space. Keepy away from flammable and non heat-resistant materials. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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