Damier Vase Small

SKU: DM100


From the French term for “checkerboard”, this iconic graphic pattern is adapted and re-interpreted. These porcelain vases are hand painted in a rich indigo glaze by skilled artisans out of our Portuguese atelier.  


Craftsmanship: Due to the artisanal nature and hand make of the collection, each Damier piece will be unique. The indigo glaze can reflect some natural strokes and lines even with its sharp graphic appearance. 

  • 7.5 x 8 (in) (19 x 20 (cm))
  • Fine Porcelain|Indigo Glaze
Skilled artisans make all L'Objet collections with premium materials and will last for generations with proper use and care—If necessary, handwash with mild, non-citrus dish soap and dry with a soft cloth.

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Black and white checkerboard glaze pattern on a low, round porcelain bowl with a flared rim shape.