Haas Mojave Dinnerware Set


Fine Porcelain dinnerware featuring an intricate and organic pattern reminiscent of desert pebbles and of the endless stars in the desert sky.


The Haas Mojave Dinnerware Set Includes:

  •  Haas Mojave Charger (12.5in.)
  •  Haas Mojave Dinner Plate (10.5in.)
  •  Haas Mojave Soup Plate (9in.)
  •  Haas Mojave Bread + Butter Plate (6.5in.)
  • Haas Mojave Dessert Charger (12.75 in) (32cm)
  • Haas Mojave Dessert Plate  (8.5in.)
  • Haas Mojave Saucer (6.5in.)
  • Haas Mojave Teacup (4oz)


100% Fine Porcelain

Handcrafted in Portugal

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